stouyapi - OUYA API server

A static API for the OUYA gaming console that still lets you sign in and install games, despite the OUYA server shutdown in 2019.

This is a static dummy server. It will not store any user data. Your votes and likes will not influence anything. Your username will always be "stouyapi".

How to use

Point your OUYA to this server:

  1. Power the OUYA on
  2. Attach the OUYA via USB (Micro USB cable) to your computer
  3. Create a text file in the OUYA's root directory with the following content:

The changes should take effect immediately. If they do not, reboot the OUYA once.


  1. Do not try to use HTTPS because the OUYA does not support SNI.
  2. The OUYA connects to your PC in MTP mode
  3. If your PC does not see the OUYA, use a data transfer micro USB cable with 4 wires instead of a charging-only cable with 2 wires


You can "register" a factory-reset OUYA:

  1. User registration: "Existing account"
  2. Enter any username, leave password empty. Continue.
  3. Skip credit card registration


An OUYA running in November 2019:


This OUYA API server was written by Christian Weiske. The stouyapi code is open source: (github mirror). It was built with the help of the OUYA store API documentation and uses the OUYA game data repository.