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It's halloween, it's cold and you must go to eat humans. You are a survivor. It's hard to be a zombie!! You are undead and plenty of humanity.

The zombies are so hungry and run to get some meat, but there is some dangers out there. By luck they have you!! You must use the blocks in the bottom of the screen to save them from their death (at least for another one :) ) and take them to the other side of the dangers..

You will get power-ups that will help you to get a better score. You must to be a survivor. Try to catch them all and you will get to the top one: #iamtheone

The game sometimes is hard, because you can see a tsunami of zombies jumping to you. Don't worry ( remember: you are a survivor and you have a lot of ammo ). Don't cross the line and help the zombies to take home.

As a halloween promotion, the player on the first position of the highscores table in the midnight (GMT) of Halloween will get an exclusive t-shirt of the game. In order to be elligible, post your score at the end on the game using your twitter or facebook nick or name. We will contact you and send you the zombies t-shirt for free!!

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Enjoy playing this free game against your friends and try to be the best. And remember: Zombies are only good people, but the world is so cruel.


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Version 2.0, published 2014-10-14

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