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In a very, very strange and distant future...

On it's way back from Cygnus-X an alien space freighter crashes on planet Earth with a cargo hold full of furry Dweeboids. These colourful little creatures are extremely rare in the known universe and also a very valuable delicacy back on the alien home planet from where they came.

However, though unhurt; most of the Dweebs escape after the crash landing only to find themselves completely lost on the strange blue Earth planet and not really sure where to go, or what to do next except escape from the aliens.

Being cute but also very dumb little creatures, all the Dweebs need a helpful human to guide them all to safety before they are re-captured and possibly end up cooked and eventually served as some slimy green alien's lunch!

Help all the Dweebs reach their goal and survive the many puzzles ahead. Beware of the genetically altered Black Dweebs, as the aliens wish to re-capture all the escaped rare dweeboids and will use these mean little critters to thwart your progress in any way they can.

Good luck - you'll need it!...


* Original cute alien puzzler gameplay.
* 40 levels set over 10 worlds to complete.
* Play against the clock
* Resume game feature.
* Easy to learn and play.
* Cute graphics and sound fx.
* Original Dweebs theme music.
* Suitable for all ages.

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Version 3.0, published 2013-08-23

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