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Eat cheezy dots, kill cats, avoid the bird and grab some bonuses on the way to clear the maze. This game is loaded with different mazes, bonuses and extras!

There are doors in three colors. Each of them can be controlled. Use this to avoid cats or to trap them in a confined space. Teleports are at your disposal to confuse your enemies. Use the middle teleport to randomly zap to the corners or use the side teleports. Only grey cats can also use the side teleports.

The bird emerges once in a while. It cannot be killed. Also, the bird can go into stealth mode, where it's hard to spot! Using the teleports confuses the bird.

Included is a confusing "black cat" bonus level! Kill the almost invisible black cat to get a super bonus while avoiding the deadly grey cats. Thunder can light up the maze, but it can also be pitch dark...

This is pacman on speed!


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Version 3.1.0, published 2023-06-25

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