Forsaken Planet

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LOOT Entertainment
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Technical notes:
Cannot be played because that requires an account, and their server is down. See
Beginning March 7, 2014, the Beta version of “Forsaken Planet” will no longer be available for download on the Google PLAY, Amazon, and OUYA stores. We would like to thank everyone for your support through the Alpha and Beta testing processes. Your feedback has helped greatly.

What can you look forward to in the Gold version? A lot! Breathtaking new art, all new gameplay features such as: four-player split-screen local multiplayer, team co-op, PVP, a console-tailored control scheme, and much more. The best Forsaken Planet experience is yet to come! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for latest news and updates.

Battle it out to become "Employee of The Month" by transforming everything (and everyone) that gets in your way into… chikkin?!
That’s right, we said CHIKKIN. Use your arsenal of over 100 different weapons, UFOs and characters to overtake the enemy in this action-packed race to the base. Recruit your friends to the multiplayer madness and laugh at them as they fly and squawk out of the chikkinzier. Move your way up the “Chikkin Koop” Corporate ladder to unlock secret items which greatly enhance your character’s abilities. You decide how you want to play; either be fast and furious speed demon or armor up to control the map as a juggernaut.

Fun Features include:
•Real Cross-Platform Multiplayer
•The “Promote-A-Meter”. An advanced piece of science that allows you to see where stand on the Koop’s corporate ladder.
•Cool special weapons like mini-turrets, mines, and heat-seeking missiles.
•Over 100 upgradable UFOS, hats, guns, and more.
•Gamepad compatibility, including Bluetooth controller support.

Please note that this is an early BETA build. We encourage all players to help us improve the game by providing feedback and reporting bugs on our forums, located at:


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