The Bananatree Brothers: Eat Carrots

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Kris Attfield
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Blaine and Albert Bananatree were directed by their parents to start eating their vegetables - so they’re re-farming Banana Island with carrots!

The boys LOVE bananas, so it’s such a temptation to go to the centre of the island and pick a banana from the only tree - but they lose risk losing status (score) if they don’t stick to those veggies!

Two players vie for the highest score over thirteen (13) minutes, by planting carrots and eating them!

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NEW in version 1.1.0::: Fixed a bug. Added a new game mode called "First Past the Post", where the goal is to reach the target score to win, and there is no timer. The Time Left (or the target score) now changes from purple to yellow when a banana is in play, and changes back to purple when the banana is gone.


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Version 1.1.0, published 2017-01-31

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