Diesel Racer 2

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Diesel Racer 2 is a beautifully rendered 3D racing game.

The story in Diesel Racer 2:
A former illegal racing driver is living a peaceful life with her new family.
Until one day she has to race again for the same people who got her son into trouble in the first place.

Note from the developer:
I wished for a much bigger game originally, but a lot of features didn't get in.
There reason is that I didn't have a lot of time to work on the game.
Showing support and telling your friends about this game will encourage me to keep on updating and developing it further.

Features I would like to add in the future:
- Story mode
- More tracks.
- Multiplayer.
- Car upgrades.
- Weapons.
- Death match arena.
- And more...

Thank you.


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Version 1.36OUYA, published 2015-01-27

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