Retro Robits

4.04 (45)
Homeworld Arts LLC
Suggested age
Number of players
1, 2, 3, 4
Download size
23.76 MiB

* Includes in-app purchases

A 1-4 player Robit Racing Platformer!

3 Free Challenge Levels.
3 Free Battle Levels.
Unlock the full game to access all 21 Challenge Levels and 21 Battle Levels.

Now 3 free levels in both Challenge and Battle.
Two new background and tileset colors in later levels.
Smoother camera following for multiplayer.
All 21 levels of Challenge mode are completed.

Challenge Mode offers 21 unique levels to take on by yourself or with up to four players. Get to the end of the level to unlock the next.

In Battle Mode you can race up to four robots in a couch gaming marathon. Jump on your friends heads, collect items and utilize them wisely to get the end of the stage first. Grab item orbs to gear up with wheels, rockets, super jumps, lasers, bombs, and missiles. Even hack your opponents to steal their items. Knock your opponents off the edge of your TV to earn a star. Race through 21 unique retro style levels. Challenge your friends or family in this ultimate party couch gaming experience.

Retro Robits is created by HomeWorld Arts, the creators of Pixel Staff, Pixel Sword, and Jurassic Quest.

16bit sounds
Low resolution pixel graphics
1-4 players
21 hand-crafted battle levels
7 unique challenge levels

Music by Kyle Jeremy Neidig


Screenshot of Retro Robits Screenshot of Retro Robits Screenshot of Retro Robits Screenshot of Retro Robits Screenshot of Retro Robits


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Version 2.1.0, published 2015-03-26

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